Other activities

It is apprised that Following amenties / Projs being planned to be opened / functional for worthy members by 20 Oct 2023 in Phase-V:-

a. Park Sec-D

b. Park Sec-D

c. Park Sec-H

It is apprised that Following amenties / Projs being planned to be opened / functional for worthy members by 30 Sep 2023 in Phase-V:-

a.View Point OHWT Sec-D

b.Water Filtration Plant Sec-D

Installation of Green Cloth on under Construction Buildings (Residential / Commercial)

On the repeated requests by the members, Competent Authority of DHAI-R has revised the policy as under:-

a.    Option open for members to get green cloth installed either by themselves at their own arrangements OR through DHAI-R contractors.  Approved pattern / layout of alongwith specifications will be given to members at the time of approval of submission drawings by Design Section of Building Control Directorate.

b.    Revised rates for installation / masking of green cloth will be done by DHAI-R contractors as under:-

(1)     Fixing of green cloth on front and sides as per site requirement @Rs 950/- Rft.

(2)     Masking with green cloth on all sides neighbouring houses as per site requirement @Rs. 21/Sft

(3)       above mentioned rates will be valid for three months from the date of approval and will be reviewed by Building Control Directorate due to any escalation if required.

In case of any query, members may contact with Building Control Directorate / Sections for necessary guidelines

Installation of Green Cloth on New Construction of Residential/ Commercial Buildings

The green cloth to be fixed on all under construction residential and commercial buildings for safety purpose during the construction with effect from 14 July 2023. To maintain quality and uniformity, Building Control Directorate and Additional Directors Building Control Section are Responsible for installation of green cloth in their area of responsibility as under:-

a) For New Construction Site

Installation of green cloth will be installed through short listed contractors/ vendors by design section of Building control Directorate of DHAI-R on already approved rates.

b) For Under Construction Site where CGI Sheets already fixed

A Joint team headed by respective CTT Commander along with Building Control Directorates representative will inspect all under construction buildings where CGI sheets were previously fixed in order to ascertain its condition & subsequent replacement with green cloth if deemed necessary and cost will be deducted from security money of members.

Fixing of Solar panels

In order to install the solar panel on the roof top, the members have to hire a solar firm registered with DHAI-R and the hired firm will submit a 3D design of solar panel as per DHAI-R Byelaws 2023, followed by site visit before the installation of solar panels and further approval by the Building Control Directorate.

Fixing of CGI sheets- under const Houses

Owners of under construction houses are requested to cover 100% front with CGI sheets and entry form sides where adjacent plots are vacant.

Registration of Contractors/ Vendor

The registration of contractors alongwith the security clearance is mandatory before the constructions of any residential building.  This registration can be done by the owner for their contractors during the construction phase too.

Renewal of registration of soil test, Solar firms, Structural Engineers, vetting Engineers and Architects

Renewal of registration of professional with DHAI&R has expired on 31 Dec 2023. You are advised to renew your registration; otherwise your registration will be cancelled.

Renewal of Registration of civil work contractors

Renewal of registration of contractors of civil works registered with Building Control Directorate, DHAI&R is expired on 31 Dec 2023. You are advised to renew your registration; otherwise your registration will be cancelled.

Conduction of seminar of professional Registered with DHAI-R 

Seminar of professionals registered with DHAI-R which was previously planned on 18 May 2023 is now will be held on 27 June 2023 at 1100 hrs at APS Hall Phase-I. All registered professional are invited to attend the seminar.

Restriction on hoisting of religious/ sectarian/ political flags/ banners on house/ plaza

As per decision of competent authority, all existing houses being processed for completion wiil not be cleared until removal of any religious / sectarian of other flag (other than national flag). This includes all freshly and previously built houses with completion certificate under process with Building Control Directorate, DHAI-R

Monsoon Rainy Season

No excavation / demarcation for new const is allowed during monsoon / rainy season.  Detailed instructions are mentioned in para 8 & 19 of DHAI-R Revised Byelaws 2022, available on
DHAI-R website.

DHA Interchange

DHA Interchange is located on Islamabad Expressway b/w T-Chowk in Rawat and Kak Bridge on kahuta Road. DHA interchange is the first mega project while entering the Islamabad. It provide a great opportunity to present image of clean & green capital. To undertake this, an ambitious landscaping project has been designed which will not only give green image of DHA but will also contribute towards healthy environment. This project is expected to be of great benefit as it connects DHA Ph-II and Ph-V making these two distinct phases into one town. It gives residents of DHA a signal free access from Islamabad as well Lahore, making it safe due to elimination of conflict points.

New DHA Head Office

DHA Islamabad being a sizable community of 9 phases will further expand in future. Due to limited space, the present Head Office in DHA ph-I does not match the requirements of growing management site. New DHA Head Office complex is being constructed in DHA Ph-V. it is designated by renowned architect ASA to meet the future requirements. It consist of public and private wings along with auxiliary buildings, mosque and park. Work has been commenced on both wings and the raft of public wing has been poured. New DHA Head Office is one of its kind structure having all latest technologies.

Rehabilitation of DHA Expressway

•    Rehabilitation of Commercial Corridor at DHA Expressway for 898x commercial Plots.   

•    Installation of Street lights along DHA Expressway

Establishment of new Bldg Con Office at Phase-V

Office of Bldg Con Phase-V has been Shifted from Phase-II to Phase-V and established in Street No 1st Ave Sector G DHA Phase-v wef 04 Aug 2023. Lt Col(R) Anwar Hussain Aftab has been appointed as Addl Dir Bldg Con Phase-V. All worthy members of DHA Phase-V may visit Bldg Con Phase-V in connection with all matters related to bldg con. Worthy members may contact Bldg Con Phase-V office on fol numbers:-

a.Addl Dir Bldg Con-V: 051-111555400(Extn: 4706)

b.Bldg Con Office: 051-111555400(Extn: 4726)