Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Transfer Record

Inquiry 1 : Which Documents are required for the process of transfer of a plot? Documents required for the transfer of Plot.
  • Request for the Statement of Dues
  • NDC
  • Application Form duly filled by the Seller
  • Membership Form duly filled by the Purchaser
  • Original Allotment Letter
  • Transfer Affidavit by the Seller
  • Undertaking by the purchaser
  • Sale agreement
Inquiry 2 : What is the duration for the issuance of Allotment Letter?
Once formalities are completed, the case after due processing and scrutiny is put up to the Administrator for his final approval. There after, transfer order (Allotment Letter) is issued to the transferee in 20 working days time under normal conditions.
Inquiry 3: Urgent delivery of Allotment Letter.
Members desirous to get the transfer letter urgently (within 72 working hours) will get the Allotment Letter order by depositing Rs 5000.00/- as urgent fee. Similarly members desirous to get transfer letter within 24 working hours can get the same after depositing Rs. 10,000/-.
Inquiry 4: Reissuance of Membership Card
  • A sum of Rs.300 will be deposited in ACKBL
  • Receipt of Deposited amount along with the copy of FIR
  • 2 X passport size colored photographs
  • Attested copy of CNIC, will be deposited to DIR Transfer & Record for Re Issuance of Membership Card
Inquiry 5: Deposit of Payment
  • Amounts due to be paid to Defence Housing Authority shall be Deposited In ASKARI Commercial Bank Limited for DHA Valley Project.
  • Amounts due to be paid to Defence Housing Authority for other Phases shall be deposited in DHA Finance Directorate in the form of Bank Draft/ Pay Order.
  • Cheques & Cash Payments are not accepted by DHA Islamabad Rawalpindi.
Inquiry 6: Members Living Outstation.
All Members living outstation who want to sell/transfer a plots in the Defence Housing Islamabad will be responsible for the following:-
  • Transportation for the visiting team from DHA Islamabad-Rawalpindi to the residence back.
  • Transportation of transfer team and accommodation, food arrangements for the transfer team in case of night stay.
  • Arrangement of air ticket in case of longer distance.
  • Deposit Rs. 15000/- as fee.
Inquiry 7: Member Suffering From Physical Disability.
A member suffering from physical disability who is desirous to tfr/sell his plot shall make request for the transfer /sale of its plot to DHA Islamabad-Rawalpindi. After approval by competent authority, transfer team will visit the residence of member to complete transfer.
Inquiry 8: Membership for more than one plot.
New membership number will be allotted to the purchaser for the transfer of a plot. Members are required to pay respective Membership fee for transfer of each new plot.
Inquiry 9: Issuance of Duplicate / Triplicate Allotment Letter.
For issuance of a duplicate /triplicate copy the member has to fulfill certain formalities which are as following:-
  • Application by the member.
  • Affidavit on stamp paper duly attested by Oath Commissioner for loss of allotment letter (format available in DHA Islamabad-Rawalpindi).
  • Advertisement in 1 x urdu & 1 x english newspapers. (Clippings)
  • Receipt of Rs. 10,000/- PKR to be deposited through deposit slip in ACBL through demand draft / payorder in DHAI account.
  • 2 x Photographs (Passport size) and Photo copy of CNIC of owner.
Inquiry 10: No Demand Certificate.
NDC should be obtained from the Finance Desk Tfr & Rec Dte and submitted in original. This is issued after clearance of all outstanding dues pertaining to the plot and transfer fee. Following will be attached with the documents being submitted for issuance of NDC:-
  • Copy of CNIC of both seller and purchaser.
  • Photocopy of allotment letter.
  • Allotment letter for collection of NDC in the name of registered property agent.
Inquiry 11: Does single membership works out with plots in other phases.
Every phase has its own membership block. Single membership for a lot in a phase will not work out in case of getting a plot in other phase. You have to apply for new membership for each plot and also pay membership fee.
Inquiry 12: Different Transfer Charges.
Rates of different charges are given below enforced with effect from 25th June, 06.
  • Fee for re-issue of dues / No Demand Certificates be increase from Rs. 2000.00 to Rs. 5500 each.
  • Cancellation of NDC Fee 5500 PKR.
  • Urgent transfer fee may be revised as under:-
    • Urgent transfer within 1 x day (within 6 working hours): Rs. 35,000/-
    • Urgent transfer within 2 x day (within 48 working hours): Rs. 15,000/-
    • Normal transfer within 4 x day (within 96 working hours): No charges
Inquiry 13: Documents required for issuance of Allotment letter.
  • Return original provisional allotment letter.
  • 2 x passport size photographs.
  • Photocopy of CNIC.
  • Allotment letter will be issued within one week.
Inquiry 14: Conversion of Allotment Certificate into allotment letter.
  • Obtain membership form from DHA Islamabad-Rawalpindi office.
  • Fill the form and deposit along with following documents duly attested:-
    • 2 x passport size photographs of owner.
    • Photocopy of CNIC of owner.
    • Photocopy of CNIC of NOK.
    • Receipt of Rs. 27,500 as Membership Fee of DHA Islamabad-Rawalpindi (Rs. 2,500 for next two plot/property if already a member) to be deposited in ACBL bank through deposit slip or through demand draft / pay order in DHA Islamabad-Rawalpindi account.
    • Original certificate.
  • Allotment letter alongwith payment schedule for development charges will be issued within 3 weeks deposit of above documents.
Inquiry 15: For allotment letter of ex-commoners town / LCHS.
  • Fill the membership form and deposit along with following documents:-
    • 2 x passport size photographs.
    • Photocopy of CNIC of owner.
    • Photocopy of CNIC of NOK.
    • Original allotment letter issued by Ex-Commoners / Ex-LCHS.
  • Allotment letter will be issued after 7 days.

Town Planning

Inquiry 1: Issuance of site plan procedure
Steps for Possession to a Member
S/No Description Action By
1. Plot to be completed w.r.t Rd/footpath/sewerage/elec/water supply. PD
2. Member is informed for possession (Non-utilization charges start applying). Fin Dte
3. Site Plan / Possession application form from Counter No 11 obtained. Member
4. Member apply for Dues. Fin Dte
5. Dues are deposited in the bank and application is submitted again with following documents:- Counter No 6. TP Dte

a. Two Possession forms.

b.Deposit slip for Site Plan / Possession fee.

c. Copy of National Identity Card.

d. Copy of allotment letter.
6. Application with documents verified by TP Sec and receipt given to member for collection of Site Plan after 20 working days. Counter No 11 TP Dte
7. Processing by TP Dte (Check list attached):- TP Dte

a. CAD Sec prepare the Site Plan with verified / updated Master Plan with correct coordinates and detail of svcs.

b. Cross check by Chief Surveyor.

c. Process for formal approval on NFC if plot is over size member is asked to submit the requisite charges.

d. Site Plan handed over to the member.
8. Drawings are prepared through DHAI-R registered Architect submitted to BC Dte for vetting / approval (20-25 working days). BC Dte
9. Demarcation on ground by Survey Sec of TP Dte. TP Dte
10. Counter check at lean level of boundary wall. TP Dte
11. Counter demarcation check at DPC level of boundary wall. TP Dte
12. On ground construction facilitation / svcs (elec, water, sewerage etc) PD
Inquiry 2: Categories of extra land
S.No. Categories Detail
(1). Cat 'A' Constructable (Market rate).
(2). Cat 'B' Non-constructable (25% of market rate).
(3). Cat 'C' Trapped land non-constructable (0.5 Mn/K).
Inquiry 3: Re-validation of Site Plan
Site Plan is valid for three months from the date of issuance. After three months member have have to give application for revalidation of site plan. Site Plan is validated for next three months after payment of dues (if any).