Download Forms


1. Supplier Registration Form (SCM)

2. Contractors Registration Form (Chief Engr Branch)

3. Contractors / Vendors Registration Form (Building Control)

4. Contractors / Suppliers / Vendors Verification Form (Security)

5. Property Dealers Registration Form (Transfer & Record) download-icon


1. Collection of Allotment Procedure download-icon
2. Duplicate Allotment Letter Procedure download-icon
3. Allotment Certificate Endorsement Procedure download-icon
4. All Transfer Procedure download-icon
5. Normal Transfer Procedure download-icon
6. Gift Transfer Procedure download-icon
7. Widow Legal Heir Transfer Procedure download-icon
8. GPA Transfer Procedure download-icon
9. SPA Transfer Procedure download-icon
10. Out station transfer procedure download-icon
11. DHA Own project & Valley fIle Conversion Procedure download-icon
12. NOC NEC Lien Marking Procedure download-icon


1. Risk Certificate download-icon
2. Authority For Collection Of Allotment Letter download-icon
3. Duplicate Allotment Letter (Specimen) download-icon
4. Application for Transfer of Plot download-icon
5. Affidavit by Seller download-icon
6. Undertaking by Purchaser download-icon
7. Agreement to Sell Plot download-icon
8. Application for Gift of Plot download-icon
9. Affidavit by Donor download-icon
10. Undertaking by Donee download-icon
11. Gift Deed download-icon
12. Application For Legal Heir Transfer download-icon
13. Undertaking by the Widow Legal Heir download-icon
14. Affidavit for Surrender of Rights download-icon
15. General Power of Attorney download-icon
16. Special Power of Attorney download-icon
17. Authority Letter for Collection of Statement of dues and NDC download-icon
18. Plot Verification Form download-icon
19. Application for Change of Address download-icon

4. DHAI Stamp vendor services

DHAI Stamp vendor services   download-icon

5. Membership Form

Membership Form (Transfer & Record)    download-icon

6. Application For Possession

1. Application for possession demarcation of plot (Building Control)

2. Charges for site Plan Possession Mortgage (Member Copy) (Building Control)

3. Charges for site Plan Possession Mortgage (Office Copy) (Building Control)

7. Transfer Of House / Shop 

1. Request for Issuance of Tfr Dues (Residential/Commercial)

2. Request for Issuance of NDC (Residential/Commercial)

3. Authority Letter

4. Application of Registration Authority for the Purchase of Property

8. Schedule of Charges Applicable wef 01 Dec 2022

Schedule of Charges Applicable wef 01 Dec 2022

9. Request / Requisition for Issuance of Plot Account Statement

Request / Requisition for Issuance of Plot Account Statement

10. Car Sticker / Lab / Servant Forms 

1. Application For Car Sticker/Entry Card

2. Security Form for Contractor / Labour

3. Police Verfication – Employment in DHA Rawalpindi

4. Police Verification Regarding Property

5. Issuance of NOC - Renting of House/Portion/Flat

6. Issuance of NOC - Vacation of Rented House/Portion/Flat

7. Issuance of NOC - Renting of Plaza/Floor/Shop

8. Issuance of NOC - Vacation of Rented Plaza/Floor/Shop

9. Application for Pass - Servant / Maid / Dvrs

10. Application Form for CCTV Recording

11. E-Tag Form for DHA Resident

12. E-Tag Form for Non Resident (Retd – Serving Army Officers)

13. E-Tag Form for Frequent Visitor

14. E-Tag Form for DHA Employee

15. E-Tag Form for Visitors Ex Bahria Town

11. SOP Burial 

1. SOP Burial Normal Death

2. SOP Burial Corona Death

3. Contact numbers for graveyard Supervisors